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Steora Urban+ is the most advanced street bench in the world. It is designed for use in highly frequented areas such as city streets, squares and other buzzing locations.

The signature feature of Steora Urban+ is the 19” super-bright LCD display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures, or various information to the public (e.g. weather report).

Thanks to advanced software, users can easily upload videos or pictures to benches of their choice, and set campaign duration and frequency. Video campaigns can also be connected to a Wi-Fi homepage, allowing bench users to view the same campaign on their smartphones.

Steora Urban+ requires AC grid power for 24/7 operation.

Technical specifications
Steora URBAN+

Photovoltaic modules
Photovoltaic modules
Monocrystalline / Total power: 110W
Battery pack
Battery pack
Type: AGM / Capacity: 72Ah
USB charging
USB charging
Number of ports: 2
Power (per port): 5W (1A)
Other: short circuit protection, LED light
Wireless charging
Wireless charging
Power: 10W / Efficiency: up to 70%
Internet technology
Internet technology
4G LTE / Speed: up to 150Mbps / Range: 4 - 20 meters
Other: custom SSID, user and web page restriction, custom homepage...
Temperature (-45°C, +60°C)
Humidity (0% - 100%)
Device charging counters (cable and wireless)
Energy production & consumption
Internet connections counter & data traffic usage
Battery status
Rain sensor - powers the bench off in case of heavy rain
System sensor - analyzes every device inside the bench
Photovoltaic modules
Cooling system
Type: air cooling / Number of fans: 4
Air flow: 370 m3/h
Temperature trigger: 35°C
Battery pack
Ambient light
Range: 2 meters
Color: White
Photovoltaic modules
AC grid connector
Supply voltage: 230V AC / Power: 150W
Battery pack
Night recording: Yes
Battery pack
Super-bright display
Size 19” / 1000cd/sqm
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