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Metageek Wi-Spy DBx & Chanalyzer with Report Builder + Device Finder + Eye P.A. & AirPcap -> Diagnose & Optimize Complete Toolkit

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Producent: Metageek
Kod produktu: 2450x3v, SFW-CHAN-R, DEVFINDER-24, SFW-EYEPA-001, AirPcap Nx-001


Ideal for large mission-critical networks includes:

  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Chanalyzer with Report Builder
  • Device Finder Antenna
  • Eye P.A.
  • AirPcap Nx
  • 1-year of MetaCare for both Chanalyzer & Eye P.A.


Chanalyzer displays RF data collected from Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer, showing you the channels and frequencies where WiFi, ZigBee, and other possibly interfering devices are active in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Chanalyzer’s Session Manager provides the ability to categorize your spectrum captures by room, floor, or site. The Waterfall Navigation feature allows you to jump directly to the point of a recording where RF activity was highest – a huge time savings over linear analysis. A daytime color scheme ensures readability in bright locations. Optional accessories include a Cisco CleanAir® to connect remotely to CleanAir APs, Report Builder for documenting findings, and Device Finder for locating interfering transmitters.

Wi-Spy DBx

Have you been in a wireless troubleshooting situation where your channel selection looked right, but there were still connectivity issues? Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer, the spectrum analysis toolkit from MetaGeek lets you see interference that your computer’s wireless adapter can’t see alone. The Wi-Spy DBx is capable of analyzing the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, preparing you for next generation 802.11ac technology. Chanalyzer uses the Wi-Spy to show how your Wi-Fi and Zigbee networks are being affected by interference from other wireless devices such as cordless phones, wireless speakers, and security cameras. Seeing where interfering devices are active in both wireless bands ensures you can pick the best channel for your Wi-Fi or Zigbee network deployment.

Device Finder 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna for Wi-Spy

The Device Finder is a 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna that acts as an “RF flashlight” for Wi-Spy. Discovering a transmitting device is as easy as selecting a frequency range in Chanalyzer and following a line. The higher the line goes, the closer you are to finding the source of interference.

Eye P.A.

Eye P.A. is a wireless packet analysis tool that captures and visually displays all of the conversations on a WiFi channel, including traffic coming from neighboring networks. Eye P.A. features an analysis engine that crunches the data in your packet capture for expert analysis, along with steps you should take to optimize WiFi for voice, video, and other high bandwidth uses. Eye P.A. is an indispensable tool for WiFi engineers and troubleshooters.

Capture Packets with AirPcap Nx

Eye P.A. supports packet capture with the AirPcap Nx. This 2×2 MIMO device allows you to record 802.11a/b/g/n packet captures in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Support for AirPcap Nx is built into Eye P.A., so you won’t have to launch another program. Eye P.A. also supports the following packet capture file types: WireShark .pcap, .wcap and .pcapng TamoSoft Commview .ncf WildPackets Omnipeek .pkt and .apc (Experimental) Microsoft Network Monitor .cap

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