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Platform for managing and customizing guest WiFi

Linkyfi is both a public WiFi access management solution and a powerful WiFi marketing platform. Thus, it is an efficient value-added service for every ISP and tier-1 operators’ customers.

How does it work?

Grant visitors with WiFi access

Visitors log in to guest WiFi through the captive portal, using the login type of your choice.

Get guest WiFi data and insight

Visitors get Internet access and provide you with their personal data in return.

Run targeted marketing campaigns

Analyze user data to get to know your customers and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Customized guest WiFi

Create your own welcome page and offer clients different ways of logging in, such as: social media, an email, or a questionnaire.

WiFi marketing

Create the most effective marketing campaigns based on demographics, visitors’ positioning, and historical data. Send in real-time highly targeted messages and emails or coupons to your regular and new customers.

Insights & Analytics

Get an insight into visitors’ behavior and online traffic. With Linkyfi, you get all the information about visitors’ gender, age, and location as well as their engagement and retention rate.


Bandwidth management

The bandwidth management allows you to control the overall performance of your WiFi network, upload and download speed, and bandwidth limits.

WiFi advertisement

Prompt your customers to log in to your guest WiFi using a customized welcome page with your own or external graphical and video ads. Use a simple drag-and- drop editor to invite customers to WiFi.


Linkyfi can be integrated with third-party systems, such as REST WS for various PMS, SMS and payments gateways. All the gathered data can be incorporated into other enterprise systems using API.


With the platform it is possible to manage organizations and their unlimited number of subsidiaries with individual accounts and sets of permissions.

Benefits for integrators

WiFi VAS in your offer

Get ahead of your competitors with value-added services in your WiFi product portfolio. Integrate your WiFi with additional features and services such as analytics, WiFi management, or WiFi marketing.

Ready-to-use solution

You don’t need to delegate your staff to configure or sustain Linkyfi. It does not require installation of any external hardware or software. It is highly accessible and in case of any questions, we provide help desk support.

Customization on demand

Since AVSystem is an engineering-oriented company, we can adapt Linkyfi to meet your unique business needs.

Fair business model

Become our partner and grow your revenue by offering Linkyfi as a WiFi added service for your enterprise customers.

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