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LIGHTINUS MiniCompactPortable Charging Station

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Producent: LIGHTINUS
Kod produktu: 074E-1511A


MiniCompact is a lighter version suitable for interaction through free charging, Wi-Fi, lighting and brand promotion at smaller events. Each unit is a focal point for bringing your brand closer to your clients. Low weight and miniature design enable easy deployment of MiniCompact at any location of interest.


At no cost of electricity, our Compact station is equipped with 100 W solar panel providing charging and LED light during events, concerts, festival, power surges and natural disasters.


Jumping, walking or running on our tiles will provide energy to power our Compact station and return free energy to consumers via smart device charging and Wi-Fi hotspot.


Our 4G routers installed on each Compact unit enable our clients to always stay in contact with Compact by monitoring its performance and system data.


Compact provides free LED lighting, no matter the location and with no need for grid connection.


Recognizing the need to stay online, Compact delivers Wi-Fi hotspot within 15 meters around the station.


Three advertising panels will deliver faster return on investments with no electricity costs for energy.


Always stay charged, Compact provides 12 ports for charging of all smart devices with increased charging efficiency.


Our unit is like a suitcase, you can fold it and drive it to any location of interest.

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