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Ekahau Mobile Survey 3.X

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Ekahau Mobile Survey is a powerful Android application for Wi-Fi network administrators, combining the power of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi tools with the convenience and ease of use of a mobile phone app.

The application includes powerful Wi-Fi network analysis, mapping and monitoring tools. Available for most Android-based smartphones and tablets, Ekahau Mobile Survey is always with you, even working in the background to identify network problems. And, it costs a fraction of the cost of hardwarebased Wi-Fi tools.

Immediately after starting the app, Ekahau Mobile Survey will display the state of your network using easy-to-read red/green statistics. It makes active and passive network tests. The test results are based on your needs for the network, such as data, voice, or location tracking.

The integrated, industry’s fastest access point finder helps you locate your own, neighboring, and rogue radios.
Mobile Survey also notifies you whenever the device roams from AP to AP, and displays in-depth data of the wireless network.

A key feature about the Ekahau Mobile Survey is that it’s always with the user and constantly keeps tabs on network performance.

Unlike other Wi-Fi monitoring solutions, Ekahau Mobile Survey continually monitors the network on the smartphone or tablet even when the application is not actively being used. For example, the application can detect a nearby rogue AP, or a coverage hole, and automatically sounds an alarm to notify about the problem.

Most network-based Wi-Fi monitoring solutions only monitor the network from the access point side. However, access points and sensors can’t see everything, such as low-power rogue access points, coverage holes, or communication delays between the end user device and the application server. Ekahau Mobile Survey can diagnose these problems and many others that are typically invisible to the conventional tools.

For map-based Wi-Fi network verification and optimization, Mobile Survey supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac* multi-floor site surveys. Performing touch-operated surveys on a light-weight tablet or phone take convenience to a new level.

After the survey, the tool automatically locates the nearby access points and displays coverage heatmaps. The coverage analysis is flexible, including single-AP coverage view, an SSID- based coverage view, and configurable coverage limit. Ekahau Mobile Survey also displays the access point locations and configurations on your floor plan. In real-time the tool graphically displays which access points are audible, as well as the ones with connectivity problems.

All Mobile Survey features are available as stand-alone applications, without the need for other tools. However, the survey data can be exported to Ekahau Site Survey (the leading laptop-based planning, analysis and site survey tool) for further analysis and reporting. Ekahau Site Survey projects can also be brought to Mobile Survey.

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